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Arriving at the Airport of Salvador Bahia out 18


            This great portal about Morro being built has not yet an English version, so, I thought it could be useful for our foreign visitors who do not understand written Portuguese to have, at least, some advices about Morro de Sao Paulo. My English is not that good, but I guess you will have not difficult to figure out what I write. I don’t have much time to be answering questions all the time on the commentaries but I will be writing posts that advice about information related to Morro de Sao Paulo… should I translate it to English as a Saint Paul’s Hill?. Information about how to arrive in Morro, tips about best thinks to do, about nice inns (pousadas) and hotels, best beach, something about Morro’s parties and whatever helps you to come more prepared to the island.

            All this information will be in the future on the content of the Morro.Travel site in a more extended and professional way, but for know I have just this few blogs to help you out.

            When I wrote that I have not time to be answering all the time the commentaries at my post does no mean I will not answer if someone need some help, I just mean that depending on the time of the year it could take some time until I write back.

            Let’s stop Introducing and start writing something could be helpful for you.

            First at all you have to remember that if you coming from a foreign country the city where you have to flight is Salvador in Bahia. I remark Bahia State because I have already a Spanish friend that instead coming to Salvador in Bahia State finish up in El Salvador in Central America, because he didn’t talked much with his travel agent because he was in a hurry when he bought the ticket. For sure it is not the right way to start your vacations, so, remember Salvador is the Capital of Bahia, and Bahia is a Brazilian State.

            There are not much Airlines that flight from foreign countries directly to Salvador, so, provably you will have to change airplanes in Sao Paulo or Rio. It is a shame for who come from the north because you passing over Bahia to go south to Sao Paulo to take another plane will face back north to Bahia State. So, if there is a plane that comes directly to Bahia states without stopping in any other Brazilian City do not loose it!!. Buy you ticket right away! Unless, of course, the price difference is wide.

            Salvador’s Airport Luis Eduardo Magalhaes is small but not bad at all. You have all the necessary services and there is nothing to worry about. I know Brazil is famous abroad for being dangerous, but do not believe 100% of what people say. You have dangerous places and safe places like everywhere else. And the airport of Salvador is safe, clean and organized.

            Remember when you buy your ticket that best time to arrive in Salvador is before midday. Why? Because Morro de Sao Paulo is not in Salvador city, it is a Village in an Island located far from Salvador’s airport and transportation is not available at all times. Usually, last boat leaves at 2pm from the port (almost an hour from the Airport) and last Air Taxi leaves around 3:30 pm (from the same airport). So check first the kind of transport you will use to go from Salvador to Morro de Sao Paulo and then buy your plane ticket that arrives in Salvador with time enough to catch your Fast Boat, catamaran or Air Taxi. Otherwise you will have to spend a night in Salvador city.

            Next post will start explaining and advising about how to get from Salvador to Morro de Sao Paulo.

Ralated post: From Salvador’s airport to Morro de Sao Paulo

           Morro adviser of Morro.Travel         

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  1. Hi, I found your blog posts really useful, thank you. I’m coming to Salvador on 30th December. I need to be in Morro de São Paulo on 31st December but flying from England could only get a flight that arrives in the evening on the 30th. Can you recommend a hotel to stay in near the airport so I can fly to Morro on the 31st?
    Many thanks, Helen

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