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Having fun at Morro de São Paulo nov 23

Morro is not only seaside. Being there you have some places to visit and many things to do in order to have fun.

One of this places to visit is the Lighthouse, at the top of the hill. It had been designed by Engineer Carson and built in 1855 under his directions.

This is a wonderful panoramic point to see main beaches at one side of the hill, and the fortress and the pier at the other side.



Other interesting place is the Fortress. Its construction began in 1630 and was ended in 1730. It was built in order to protect the entrance to the seaway to Tinharé Island,  important point of production in that period.

Nowadays its ruins are one of the favorite places to enjoy sunsets.

Other interesting place to visit is the Theatre where every Wednesday a local band plays Brazilian and international music. Tourist are invited to be part of the show by singing or dancing.

It’s highly recommended to be part of this show.


By nights, you can visit the Artisans Fair at main Square. There are beautiful works over there; you can also taste some pastries at Foom’s point and enjoy some live music and songs played by himself and those who wants to play and sing.

Late at night you can go to the dancing party. If it is on the Second Beach, you would find many colorful barracks that offer drinks: taste them and let yourself enjoy your holidays!!


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2 Responses

  1. Help! I am looking for my friends Laura and Joao Carlos who at least in 2002 had the Pizzaria Via Brasil at Praca aureliano de Lima, no 155-Morro de Sao Paulo. I have a business card from that time period and the phone numbers do not work. Laura called me about five days ago and I can not get her back. I would be so greatful if you could help.
    Frances Clark
    Nashville, Tennessee

  2. Hi Frances,

    Laura’s Pizzaria changed, is still in the praça Aureliano, but in the other side, they still changed the telefone number, i dont have the new one, but you can call CIT - Turist Information Center, they have all the information that you need.

    If you need anything more, send me a email.


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