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Microsoft launchs Antivirus in tribute of Morro de São Paulo jun 24

Morro de São Paulo is a place so nice and internationally known, that even the sofware giant Microsoft made a tribut in his newest creation “Morro” Antivirus.
Yes, it is real, besides beeing one of the most beautifull and well known tourist destinies Bahia´s, Morro de São Pailo is giving it´s name to Microsoft´s newest free virus protection software.
Microsoft´s new creation comes to substitute the Antivirus Live OneCare, which according to some experts was very weak and even paid expensive, “Morro” is improved and for free!
The sources confirm that until the 30th of June the sales of Windows OneCare will end and the downloads of Morro Antivirus can begin.
The news agency Reuters revealed that intern tests with Microsoft officials are beeing realized and soon the beta version will be available. But, as well, that this new antivirus solution is very basic and doesn´t give protection for all the known viruses.
One of Microsoft´s competitor, McAfee, believes that the new antivírus “Morro” isn´t any threat against their software and that they are able to compete with those new antiviri coming on the market.
But after all why did Microsoft call the new Antivirus Software “Morro”? It´s not the first time that Microsoft gives tributs to Brasil.
There was the “Project Natal” before, another invention of the company and this time reasonable at our beatiful island in Bahia - Brasil.
And since this island is internationally known for it´s incredible beauty, why not get a tribut from the biggest software concern of the world?

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