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Morro de São Paulo’s Sunsets nov 19

Morro de São Paulo is one of those places full of joy where life is happening to everyone because nothing disturbs your attention.

And there’s a daily moment to enjoy some special peace: the sunset.

No matter if you are at the Fortress, at Toca do Morcego or even Gamboa, the closest village to Morro. Sunsets are magical at this marvelous Island located at the brazilian northest state of Bahia.

This moment is almost religious for local people and tourists who celebrate together one of the most beautiful scenes nature can offer us.  

Sometimes, dolphins show themselves at sunsets and, if they do, party is complete.

Once a month, few minutes after sun falls behind the hills full moon appears from ocean at the opposite side: if you have the chance to be witness of this moment, enjoy it!  There is no show like this.


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