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Summer is arriving and advices become necessary nov 20

Summer is arriving to this part of our Planet and there are many thing you have to know if you are planning to spend some time at Morro.

First of all remember summer is very hot over here, so it is recommended very light clothes and not dark colors. Forget your city’s shoes: sandy streets makes impossible to walk on high heels and very uncomfortable on city moccasins. So sandals and snickers are the recommended footwear.


As any hot, tropical place, mosquitoes are common visitors by night: Don’t forget some repellent.

Sun is quite strong over here: sun glasses and sunscreen are very good allies.

Due to the hot weather you must drink much water than usual; coconut water is highly recommended.

Remember you are on vacation: leave formal life back at your home town. Morro is a very friendly place: formalisms here are not the common thing. Feel yourself comfortable and you will enjoy of an incredible place, full of life and joy.


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